Last Updated: 2/23/2024 5:21:54 PM

MapIncident NumberDateTimeProblem TypeAddressDivision
SAPD-2024-02541412/23/2024 5:11:45 PMMiscellaneous 4200 N FOSTER RD EAST
SAPD-2024-02541402/23/2024 5:11:36 PMWelfare Check 2900 GOLIAD RD SOUTH
SAPD-2024-02541392/23/2024 5:11:13 PMInformation 7100 OAKLAWN PRUE
SAPD-2024-02541382/23/2024 5:10:52 PMWelfare Check 10000 POTRANCO RD WEST
SAPD-2024-02541352/23/2024 5:10:10 PMVisitation Violation 600 OBAN DR NORTH
SAPD-2024-02541342/23/2024 5:10:03 PMDisturbance 100 MILFORD DR CENTRAL
SAPD-2024-02541332/23/2024 5:09:55 PMPatrol By 2200 REST HAVEN NORTH
SAPD-2024-02541322/23/2024 5:09:47 PMInjured/Sick Person 2400 FREDERICKSBURG RD WEST
SAPD-2024-02541292/23/2024 5:09:22 PMAssist the Public 2000-2098 W WOODLAWN AVE WEST
SAPD-2024-02541262/23/2024 5:08:48 PMTheft 3100 SE MILITARY DR SOUTH
SAPD-2024-02541212/23/2024 5:08:04 PMMissing Person - Endangered 300 E BASSE RD NORTH
SAPD-2024-02541162/23/2024 5:07:24 PMDisturbance 1100 W ROSEWOOD AVE CENTRAL
SAPD-2024-02541152/23/2024 5:07:18 PMAssault In Progress 100 N ROSILLO CENTRAL
SAPD-2024-02541122/23/2024 5:06:09 PMMissing Person - Endangered 200 STARK CENTRAL
SAPD-2024-02541062/23/2024 5:05:02 PMSuspicious Person 5500 SUNUP DR NORTH

NOTE: Addresses are rounded to the hundred block

Disclaimer - The calls listed here are only those where the element assigned to the call has arrived and is currently working the call. It does not include any calls for service, whether currently being worked or not, that are not releasable due to privacy laws. The google mapping function reflects the general area of the call and may include some local business/locations.