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What are Calls for Service?

Calls for service reflect each time someone called the police for service.  These are CALLS FOR SERVICE, NOT Lists of Crimes or Crime Reports. This online service provided by SAPD and the City of San Antonio is a quick way to find information regarding Public Safety Calls for Service in your neighborhood or area. It is also a good tool for identifying patterns of 9-1-1 call types happening throughout the City of San Antonio.

Where does this data come from? The information for the reports and map is derived directly from the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system.

What are Dispatch Problem Categories?

A Dispatch Problem Category is a simple way of grouping together different types of Calls for Service. The Categories and the types of Problems associated with those calls are shown below.

CategoryProblem Types
Property Crime Calls Burglary
Burglary in Progress
Burglary Vehicle
Burglary Vehicle In Progress
Criminal Mischief
Criminal Mischief In Progress
Forgery In Progress
Recovered Stolen Property
Shoplifting In Progress
Theft In Progress
Theft of Vehicle
Theft of Vehicle In Progress
Crimes Against Person Calls Assault
Assault In Progress
Child Locked in Vehicle
Cutting In Progress
Disturbance (Gun Involved)
Disturbance (Knife Involved)
Disturbance Family Gun Involved
Disturbance Family Knife Involved
Disturbance Neighbor Gun Involved
Disturbance Neighbor Knife Involved
Fight Gun Involved
Fight Knife Involved
Holdup Alarm
Holdup Alarm In Progress
Internet Predator
Lewd Conduct
Robbery In Progress
Robbery of Individual
Robbery of Individual
Shooting In Progress
Suspicious Person with Gun
Suspicious Person with Knife
Suspicious Vehicle
Suspicious Vehicle with Gun
Threat - Bomb with Device
Threats Bomb In Progress
Violation of Protective Order
Traffic Calls Abandoned Vehicle
High Water
Officer Traffic Stop
Traffic Related
Traffic Violation
Wrong Way Driver
Other Calls Animal Related
Assist the Public
CRT Follow Up
Disturbance Barking Dog
Disturbance Child Protect Serv
Disturbance Family
Disturbance Fireworks
Disturbance Loud Music
Disturbance Neighbor
Fire Only-Grass
High Water Rescue
Injured/Sick Person
Liquor Law Violation
Missing Person - Endangered
Missing Person/Runaway
Narcotic Laws
Officer EMS In Trouble in Progress
Officer in Trouble
Officer In Trouble In Progress
Ordinance Violation
Patrol By
Property Found
Property Lost
SAPD Emergency Call
SAPD Non-Emergency Call
Suspicious Person
Visitation Violation
Wanted Person
Welfare Check

Why is my Homeowner Association not listed?

Please ensure your homeowner association is currently registered with the City of San Antonio Department of Planning & Community Development > Neighborhood Planning & Urban Design Section. ONLY currently registered Homeowner Associations will be available in the Police Calls for Service Report.

Please direct all inquiries to Michelle Cruz


Visibility of 9-1-1 Call Locations: The CFS map initially displays at the full extent of the City of San Antonio. The locations of 9-1-1 calls display when the user zooms into an area for a neighborhood association, or when an address is entered into the Address Search box located in the upper right-hand corner of the map.

Searching for an Address: Enter a specific address into the Address Search box located in the upper right-hand corner of the CFS map in the format of street number, street name, and city or zipcode (eg. 111 Soledad St, San Antonio OR 111 Soledad St, 78205.)

Finding Info About the Selected Call Location: Select a call location by clicking the mouse cursor on a 9-1-1 call icon displayed on the CFS map when zoomed in. The details regarding the 9-1-1 call displays in a pop-up info box. Multiple records associated with a 9-1-1 incident call display as multiple pages in the pop-up info box. The arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the pop-up info box allows the user to flip through the various records associated with the 9-1-1 call.

Finding Neighborhood Association: The CFS map legend displays only the data that is visible on the CFS map at any given time. If an item is not displaying in the legend zoom in further until the item displays. In other words, what is visible in the CFS map legend at a given map scale will also be visible on the CFS map.

Legend Display: If a neighborhood association is geospatially associated with the 9-1-1 call the info regarding the neighborhood association is displayed in the pop-up info box and may be ascertained via the arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the pop-up info box. More than one neighborhood association displays if the location of the 9-1-1 call borders between multiple neighborhood associations.

Displaying Other Time Periods: Enable the time-slider on the web map by selecting the ‘Time’ tool located to the left of the ‘Address Search’ box on the toolbar above the map. The 9-1-1 call data on the CFS map defaults to the last week of data. The time-slider also allows a view of a selected 24 hour time period over the last week or a specified time frame within the last week. Drag the handles on the slider within the timeline to view a selected period of time over the last week.

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